Have you ever wondered why certain aged spirits have a vanilla flavor? Do you think that dark-colored whiskey is better ones? How to find liquor store in Waterbury, CT?  Well, several people have such doubts and also get confused between gin and vodka. We have interviewed the best liquor store in Waterbury CT to solve doubts about spirits and wines.

Myth #1: Aged whiskey consists of caramel and thus it tastes like caramel

In most cases, all the caramel or vanilla flavor and spice is obtained from the barrel. It is not from additives or caramel. Centuries ago, people determined that oak barrels are watertight and strong enough to transport liquids. It includes distilled spirits. Approximately 60% of the whiskey flavor is derived from barrel wood and the rest 40% is due to the underlying ingredients in the whiskey. It is referred to as a mash bill that is the recipe of barley, corn, rye, etc. There are certain exceptions still. When it comes to preparing flavored whiskeys, they add sweeteners or agents as mentioned in the label.

Certain producers also add caramel in small amounts to unflavored whiskeys to improve flavor or color. If you are purchasing from a reputed manufacturer or a leading brand, then the reason for flavor is the oak.

Myth #2: Barrel-aged spirits appear brown

Most people think that brown spirits are barrel-aged and clear spirits are non-barreled. It is a wrong thought. Several cristalino Tequilas and white rums are barrel-aged. It is done to add body and flavor. Later, their color will be filtered and thus has a pristine appearance. In the same way, dark color does not mean it is due to the long barrel time. It is not true in all cases. The spirits obtain the color while botanical infusion and not from oak. So, next time, when you visit a sprit store in Waterbury CT, you do not have to think that brown hues are barrel-aged. You can select as per your taste and preferences.

 Myth #3: Serving matters more for dark spirits

Any spirit can be served on the rocks. Most bartenders suggest various ways to mix cocktails and dark spirits, be it aged rum, rye whiskey, Bourbon, Cognac, or just a single malt Scotch.

Guess, we have shared some of the three common myths about wine and spirits. Shop your favorite liquors or spirits at 84 East Wines & Liquors in Waterbury CT. If possible, you can also visit the store for wine tastings.