Long back, sufficient knowledge was required to order the right beer. Some may prefer to drink in its original bottle, while some prefer beer that is served in one shaped – bowling pin bottles. In the present scenario, obtaining the right beer means intensifying your knowledge.

How to find a liquor store in Waterbury CT?

Fortunately, as beer remains the favorite beverage for most people, the quantity of smarts is pocket-sized and simple to get. Are you wondering how it is easy to get? If you are looking for a beer store in Waterbury, CT, you need to just use Google and search by inputting liquor store near me. You will easily get a list of top liquor stores with their address and contact details in a quick time. Let us discuss some interesting facts about beer in this blog.

  • Lagers and ales are categories, they are not a style:  The difference between lagers and ales comes directly to the yeast utilized during fermentation. ABV, body, and color do not matter anything with the classifications.
  • Water, yeast, hops, and grains are the main ingredients of beer: These are the four ingredients that play a huge role in beer. The brewing process with these ingredients have never changed and remains the same from the 1500s.
  • The beer’s color does not demonstrate alcohol content: Some people believe that darker beers contain heavy alcohol than the lighter ones. It is completely a wrong belief. It is best to taste and determine instead of believing by seeing the color.
  • Other ingredients in the beer are referred to as flavorings or adjuncts: Sugar, rice, corn, oats, and wheat are included in the mixture to develop the taste of the beer. Most cheap beers are made using rice and corn instead of malted barley. Some of the other ingredients that directly affects the beer flavor are honey, fruit, milk, chocolate, coffee, sage, and coriander.
  • Freezing glasses are not good for your beer: When the beer is poured into a frozen mug or glass, it affects the quality of the brew. Before you sip, the ice crystals kill the entire carbonation and aroma, letting the beer to foam immediately. You should never request to serve beer very chill. It mutes almost all the tangs that make it great.

We hope you should be tempted to sip a glass of beer by now! Well, find liquor store in Waterbury CT and order your favorite beverage. 84 East Wines & Liquors serves various unique liquors and beers in the town. If you have time, ensure to visit to see their vast collections.