Everyone has the habit of storing a bottle of alcohol in the backend of the freezer or tucking in the cabinet somewhere. It would be so old, which you would not even when you purchased it lastly. It would be occupying a portion in your fridge and you may be wondering whether it is still good to consume. A leading liquor store in Waterbury, CT shares some secrets and suggestions about how to store liquor in your home.  If you have a bottle of liquor and wondering how to maintain its shelf life, here is the blog to check out.

Most people have a wrong thought that the life of liquors is long and it lasts forever. Certain kinds of liquors remain good for a long duration, but some have a complex shelf life. Do you want your spirits to last longer? Well, read our tips.

Maintain it cool

When it comes to common distilled spirits like tequila, rum, gin, vodka, and whiskey, you need to follow a common rule of thumb- to preserve them at normal room temperature. Certain experts say that the ideal range should be slightly lower that is from 55 to 60 degrees. When you keep these distilled spirits in a cool place, it remains longer. When the temperature increases, the alcohol starts to expand and have chances to evaporate quickly. It does not affect you when you consume it. But when you store the liquor in a warm area, the liquor can oxidize quickly and its flavors can get changed over time.

Does it need freezing?

If you have stored a vodka bottle in the freezer, it is right. It has sufficient shelf life. But remember no spirit has to be preserved this cold and it is only a matter of choice. Many people prefer to keep their lighter liquors in the freezer. There is nothing wrong to do this but alcohol would not freeze. Though you are not choosing this method, vodka and gin are best when served chilled. Experts suggest keeping it outside the freezer one hour prior to serving. If you are still not sure about certain brands, just find liquor store in Waterbury, CT and ask suggestions from the employees or team. Surely, the shop owners know well how to store and preserve them in the long run.

Avoid the sun

If you have placed the bottles in a cart, ensure it is not directly exposed to the sun. Though Ultra Violet rays do not spoil liquor, too much exposure to the sun will result in an effect that you preserve at high temperatures. It means the oxidation process speeds up because of too much sun exposure. Owner of a liquor store in Waterbury, CT comments that the sun is bad for liquor than the warmth. Some researchers have tried to prove this by experimenting. They have exposed the liquor bottles to the sun for about fifteen days. They found bourbon losing 10% of its taste and color. In the same way, the scotch bottle has lost 40% of color after 15 days of sun exposure.

Vermouth should be stored in the fridge

Most spirits have sufficient alcohol content and remain fine though they are stored at normal room temperature. But there are certain liquors which you should store only in the fridge. They are fortified wines like sherry, port, vermouth and cream-based liqueurs such as Baileys Irish Cream. These should be maintained cold all the time.

Finish that last drop

A whole bottle of liquor remains for a long time than the bottle with just a small portion left. When the amount is smaller, it has chances for more oxidation. It is a process that speeds up when the quantity is less. It is, therefore, better to finish them instead of preserving them for a long time.

Liquors can be stored in a standing position

Wine bottles can be stored on sides but liquor need not be stored on sides. It is best to keep the whiskey down instead of standing it upright. There are chances for the cork to combine and enter into the liquid, changing the high alcohol constituents, causing it to fragment over time. For best results, keep the bottles vertical.

How to preserve beer?

It is best to keep beer in a dark and cool place. Do not store them for several months. Most of the beers are fast perishable items. It means they do not perish fast like a banana but when you keep them without consuming like spirits or wine, it does not taste good. Remember, there are some exceptions such as barley wine and certain doppelbocks. They can be preserved for years just like wine. But the best part, beer should be used within months or weeks of brewing for that good quality.

All beer has three enemies- infection, light, and heat. Light and heat can be controlled and the bacterial infection is totally out of control. Clear green bottles take a few minutes to spoil the beer. Brown bottle is the best glass to preserve beer. It is best to store the beer in a fridge. If you have bought more than needed, it is best to preserve in a centrally situated closet or your basement.

We hope you find this information useful for storing your liquor or alcohol. For more suggestions and tips, find liquor store in Waterbury, CT and ask them all your doubts and questions.