A leading spirit store in Waterbury, CT, has shared some important tips about how to taste various spirits with their vast distilling experience and knowledge.

Smell spirit above the glass: Tasting wine is different from tasting whiskey

Whiskey does not taste similar like wine and drinking whiskey is completely different from tasting or drinking wine. When it comes to wines, you should let the aroma to arrive at the front. Also, you can smell the glass of wine before sipping. In whiskey, you do not have to taste by doing these two things. As whiskey is higher ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage, the alcohol will be volatile and overpower your olfactory. Remember, swirling agitates the liquid and when it occurs, the alcohol molecules easily transform into vapor. None would prefer that as it affects olfactory and will not be able to whiff anything.

Vodka is about texture

The majority of the Vodka from the United States is neutral. Each Vodka has its flavor, range, and variety of aroma. It is mostly about texture and the way it is in the mouth. It will not give you the same experience you get in whiskey. A major complaint about Vodka is it burns. If you buy high-quality vodkas, they would not burn. However, they will vary in structure and texture. They own a viscosity which balances the alcohol.

Bring the whiskey on your palate and take breaths

Take a sip of whiskey, keep in your mouth for at least five to ten seconds. It permits the initial heat where you can feel with high proof spirits to melt. Then, the flavor arrives and stays at the forefront. It gives you a chance to feel soft on your palate. Later, breathe in so that the air will pass over the whiskey. Bring some vapor into olfactory. It is where you will experience the best complex flavor.

There is no need to store vodka in the freezer

The solubility gets affected due to numerous factors. One of the main factors is the temperature. Vodka is less soluble at minimum temperatures. If you place it in the freezer, then you can feel like more stuff involving the liquid. Most people have the habit of storing vodka in the freezer. But if you have a superior quality vodka you do not have to do that.

Gin should be tasted and smelled

The best part of gin is it will smell different on the nose than on the palate. You may feel a different flavor when smelling and when you taste it will not be like the way you smelled it. It happens mostly because of the process utilized to distill or because of the botanicals.

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