Though you are frequent visitor at your local bar, it is not your home. It means you cannot play any game as you wish. For example, if you flip their glassware like naughty ping pong balls or Solo cups attracting other customers, bartenders will not behave kind. There are certain drinking games which are said to be perfect for the bar environment. It is best when you want to balance certain awkward moment or when the conversation is boring. If you have had a chance to dine at a top rated liquor store in Waterbury, CT, and have enough time, you can try playing any of these games with your friends or guests. 

Quarters: It is one of the active games you can play as you wish without bringing in any unwanted attention. Quarters suits for all people and there is no need to requirement to break a glass when you bounce a quarter. 

Boat race: To set up boat race, long bar tables remains perfect.  There is just one rule, the player has to empty the glasses before carrying them upside down to show they are empty. Surely, there would not be any mess when you play this game. 

Finger: To play this game, you would require intense concentration, some booze and a glass. All players start by keeping their finger on the glass rim. For every round, players can remove the finger or leave on the glass when the countdown goes zero. If the player guesses the right number of fingers, they are safe and can continue sipping their drink. But if their guess is wrong, they should continue the game. What’s more? Try these games when you enter into a liquor store in Waterbury CT.

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